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The Latest Property News

Bringing you the latest property news from across the country

Surprising Designer Paradise Listed at a Tiny Price

This affordable property sale consists of two shipping containers proving that you can have style and design for a reasonable price.

A Smooth Commercial Property Purchase - Your Guide

Investing in commercial property can be a path to financial success, but navigating the complexities can be daunting. A buyer's agent, your commercial real estate guru, empowers you throughout the process.

Finding Your Dream Home: A Collaborative Journey

Owning your dream home shouldn't be a stressful fight. Imagine a calmer path, with an expert guiding you. A buyer's agent shields you from the emotional sales process, negotiates the best price, and finds the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Guiding You Home: Your Downsizing Journey with a Buyer's Agent

Downsizing isn't just about finding a smaller home - it's about a life transition. A buyer's agent, especially one who's downsized themselves, understands your emotional and logistical needs. They'll guide you through the process, secure a perfect fit, and maximize your profit.

Huge Queensland property for sale with 400-plus cars included

A perfect property for petrol-heads has hit the market in Queensland, offering an absolute bonanza for car lovers looking to get their hands dirty. 

Brisbane residence designed by famous architect to go to auction

A Brisbane riverside residence designed by a famous architect in 1937 will go to auction after the Sydney investors who purchased the property decided against a renovation.

Master the Maze: Why You Need a Buyer's Agent for International Property Investment

Investing in international property can be a thrilling opportunity, but navigating a foreign market is daunting.

Mastering the Market: Why You Need a Buyer's Agent for Investment Success

Building a thriving investment portfolio requires strategic moves. A buyer's agent becomes your secret weapon – uncovering hidden gems, securing the best deals, and navigating the complexities.

Do First Home Buyers Need a Buyers Agent?

Buying your first home? Don't go it alone! A buyer's agent levels the playing field, negotiates like a pro, and finds hidden gems. They streamline the process, connect you with experts, and save you time and money.