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Commercial & Residential Property Buyers Agent

100% committed to representing you, the buyer, in every property transaction ensuring you secure the right property for the right price


The process of acquiring commercial property is complicated and has many stages.  I fully understand the benefits of having 100% ownership in a quality commercial asset that offers high yields and scope for capital growth.

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Downsizing is a significant life event which can be emotional and impactful.  With my expertise and personal life experience, I can ensure the process is managed within a time frame that suits your needs.  Tax free utilisation of SMSF may also be considered.

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Don't just follow the crowd – invest with intelligence! I willl analyze market trends and identify up-and-coming areas to put you on the path to property success. I'll use data and my expertise to build a rock-solid portfolio incorporating blue-chip properties.

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First Home Buyers

Owing your first property is a milestone, but it can also feel overwhelming.  It takes time and there can be unexpected hurdles.  I will be by your side to find the perfect foundation for your property journey...  explaining the ins and outs of the process and ensuring you get the best deal.

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Owner Occupiers

Finding your dream home should not feel like a battle. As your buyer's agent, I will shield you from the emotional rollercoaster of the sales process, acting as your calm and focused advocate. My only goal is to secure the perfect property for your lifestyle at the best possible price. 

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International Buyers

Navigating international property markets can be daunting. I can act as your boots on the ground, saving you time and hassle. Liaising with local experts, together we'll find hidden gems, on or off market, that fit your needs.

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As a qualified and independent commercial property buyer’s agent, my promise
to you is that I will be 100% committed to representing you, my buyer, in every
property transaction that I engage in on your behalf. I will search and source
properties that match your specifications and criteria and undertake all
necessary due diligence; with a view to securing the right property, in the location of your choice, at the right price and on the best terms … every time.​

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Let's work together


I have known Geoff Baker for close to 10 years now. We have had some property interactions and I have found Geoff to be knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy. As a builder and property developer, I am careful of the people I deal with and I would recommend Geoff as a reliable professional in the commercial buying and residential downsizing space.
- Greg Peters
I have worked one-on-one with Geoff for the past 10 years. I have found him to be a man of integrity, and honest in all of his communications with me. He has delivered on every promise that he has made ... and always done so spontaneously and wrapped-up in a timely manner.
- Scott Eastermann

I was initially approached directly by Geoff in 2016. I am very fussy about who I do business with … but given his clear message and presentation, I thought I would go with his proposition. 

Geoff has kept in touch on a regular basis ever since and I would recommend him as someone who can be trusted and taken at his word.

- Richard Law

My Mission

To help time-poor and busy people find a suitable property ... by saving them time doing it themselves. This allows them time to enjoy life, spend more time with their family and friends ... and ultimately, save money.

Surprising Designer Paradise Listed at a Tiny Price

This affordable property sale consists of two shipping containers proving that you can have style and design for a reasonable price.

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Investing in commercial property can be a path to financial success, but navigating the complexities can be daunting. A buyer's agent, your commercial real estate guru, empowers you throughout the process.

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Owning your dream home shouldn't be a stressful fight. Imagine a calmer path, with an expert guiding you. A buyer's agent shields you from the emotional sales process, negotiates the best price, and finds the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Guiding You Home: Your Downsizing Journey with a Buyer's Agent

Downsizing isn't just about finding a smaller home - it's about a life transition. A buyer's agent, especially one who's downsized themselves, understands your emotional and logistical needs. They'll guide you through the process, secure a perfect fit, and maximize your profit.

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A perfect property for petrol-heads has hit the market in Queensland, offering an absolute bonanza for car lovers looking to get their hands dirty. 

Brisbane residence designed by famous architect to go to auction

A Brisbane riverside residence designed by a famous architect in 1937 will go to auction after the Sydney investors who purchased the property decided against a renovation.

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Investing in international property can be a thrilling opportunity, but navigating a foreign market is daunting.

Mastering the Market: Why You Need a Buyer's Agent for Investment Success

Building a thriving investment portfolio requires strategic moves. A buyer's agent becomes your secret weapon – uncovering hidden gems, securing the best deals, and navigating the complexities.

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Buying your first home? Don't go it alone! A buyer's agent levels the playing field, negotiates like a pro, and finds hidden gems. They streamline the process, connect you with experts, and save you time and money.